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Dr. Cerami has over 30 years of clinical experience treating pain and injuries without drugs, surgery or long treatment plans. We respect the healing capacity of the human body and believe a non-invasive approach should be the first step to restoring your health. We are confident that by removing biomechanical distortions and correcting functional muscle and soft tissue imbalances, we can help you feel significantly better in less than 6 visits.

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Client Testimonials

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John E. – (Listen HERE)

Rock Climber Returns to Full Strength: February 2015

John E. is a very active retired physician that used our services to repair soft tissue trauma in his shoulder. John was restricted on movement and strength in many areas which was limiting his ability to perform at the level he was accustomed to. His treatment plan took about 6 weeks where we mobilized his shoulder with adjustments, corrected muscle weakness with AMIT, and removed inflammation using FSM Microcurrent.

The most significant change came with the AMIT muscle work. Our examination showed 21 muscles shut down in the upper extremities including all 5 heads of the Deltoid, 4 divisions of the Subscapularis, 2 divisions of the Infraspinatus and more. His initial muscle testing caused pain and lack of any sustained strength on all of these muscles. After AMIT, ALL of the muscles tested strong and John noticed a complete reduction in pain and a return to full motion.

We were so pleased to help John in his recovery and greatly appreciate his efforts in providing us a very nice testimonial.


small icon representing sports related painJulie W. – (Listen HERE)

Even Medical Doctors see Chiropractors: November 2014

I know this is obvious but I still hear stories about people not believing in chiropractic. It’s like saying you don’t believe in gravity; just because you haven’t tested it lately don’t mean it’s not real. Anyway… Julie is a Yoga student at Mudita Yoga (in our building) and was having some significant pain in her lower back  for years. She’s an avid mountain biker and outdoor enthusiast as well as having to deal with the challenges and schedule of being an ER physician.

We tested a variety of parameters on her initial exam and decided on a 6 visit, adjustment only treatment plan. Julie reported sleeping better the first night and had less pain within a week. Within 2 weeks she felt significantly better. At the 3 week progress review mark she was 80-90 % improved. We reduced her schedule to every 2 weeks then to 1 visit per month. She now comes in about every 4-8 weeks and enjoys her mountain biking and yoga much more without the irritating back pain she had for so many years.

We can’t help everyone but we can help the vast majority of patients who come to see us. Take a minute and share this with a skeptical friend who doesn’t ‘believe” in chiropractic.


Small icon representing sports injuryJK – (Listen HERE)

Anterior Compartment Syndrome, Shin Splints: August 2014

JK had all the signs of Shin Splints and ACS. The pain was isolated to ~ 6 square inches just above his left ankle. Once I ruled out any red flags for treatment I worked from his feet to his hips in fixing biomechanical distortions, pronation in both feet, and identifying which muscles were imbalanced and not firing. The treatment plan was 2 times per week for 3 weeks consisting of spinal and extremity adjustments, soft tissue manipulation, cold laser therapy, muscle work and FSM Microcurrent for pain. Each visit was approximately 50 minutes because his life and work were being affected by his pain level and JK wanted to get through the problem as quickly as possible. Pain was reduced immediately after the first visit and progressed quickly over the 2 weeks with the area of pain getting smaller each visit. We provided JK some homework and stretches which accelerated the healing process. Follow up treatment at this point is 3 more visits as he increases the load on area to make certain he can do all of the activities he wants without pain. After that he has the option to call us when he needs us or he can come in once a month for wellness appointments.


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